Odd symptom today

So ocassionaly I get surges of euphoria. Today was one of those days.
It feels like your just buzzing with electricity or adrenaline or whatever.
Im completely content. Not really motivated to do much but just content which is rare. For no reason.

Then I felt like I was on another planet. My brain kept giving me the feeling that It was a mirror of my world. Except this planet was called elderidge, and even the moon was a mirrored moon.

Then when I saw birds flying my brain kept saying “digital” same with glances at cars.

And it all totally felt like it.

It’s nothing too out of the ordinary but it took me by surprise cuz it hadn’t happened since early winter.

So I’m used to being hyper aware for any signs of my brain going haywire and do some rational checks.

Brain glitch for sure. I’m going to try and sleep it off.

Might go see my doc next week. Mind you I contemplate that anytime this happens but it usually passes in few days


The mind went for vacation… I get euphoria sometimes.

Thank you for sharing in details.


@anon31257746, @Norlane, Euphoria is a sign of mania or hypomania. I would refer myself to my pdoc.


Definitely keep an eye on it @anon31257746.
Sounds like some mania.
See your doctor sooner if need be.


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