Manic? Maybe?

Last night i felt incredibly hyper and awake. I felt really good. I was talking a lot and laughing and just in really good spirits. This is very unlike me. Im usually pretty quiet and feeling to nervous to talk and just not giggly. I had two fantasy football drafts last night and didnt close my eyes till 11pm. I had trouble falling asleep then woke up at 3am wide awake. My mind was just running rampant. I feel pretty giddy today to. Could this be a spell of mania?


I get this too, but it tends to only last a few hours before it ends. I don’t know if it’s termed mania because it’s too short lived . Manias supposedly supposed to last for at least four days or a week or more.

Sounds like hypomania to me but better discuss it with your doctor if you have concerns

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It started yesterday and is continuing into today. I just feel really good. Happy. I looked up mania. It kinda sounds like hypomania. We will see how long it lasts. Maybe im just feeling good. It happens very rarely.


I get hypomanias too, not mania, but I get hypomanias with psychosis which it usually never comes with.

I started to get paranoid last night. Luckily it went away cause i distracted myself with a fantasy football draft

Sometimes when weve been depressed for a long time its hard to tell if were manic or euthymic. My most telling sign of mania is not wanting to go to sleep for several days and not being able to fall asleep because my mind is racing


I will see if i sleep tonight. I was wode awake last night. I usually sleep really well.

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Have you ever been manic?

Ive had days where i cant sleep. But this was weird. I felt unusually good. I still feel pretty euphoric today.

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