OCD that looks like Psychosis

Most likely my doctor was wrong and I have severe OCD which is very similar to psychosis. Maybe I didn’t need antipsychotics at all.


I have OCD as well as schizoeffective disorder. I think the OCD is worse than psychosis in my opinion.


yes OCD is more difficult to treat.


I have ocd and sza. I think both are right but im not sure. It wouldnt surprise me if it was severe ocd

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I have both severe OCD and schizoaffective/bipolar

My doctor feels that most of my fears and paranoia as of late is all related to OCD

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Supplementing inositol and NAC can be beneficial to treat ocd. NAC has made a difference for me. I tried inositol but had a bad reaction to it, my brain swelled up, which probably is a rare and uncommon reaction though.

I truly think the two can be comorbid to the point of conflation. My schizophrenia and OCD have very similar attributes that prove adversarial to my mental and cognition states. Luckily, my severe OCD is helped due in large part to SSRIs and antipsychotics, which some truly do help I have noticed.

They used NAC on me when I overdosed on Tylenol, it probably saved my life. Somehow the liver uses it to transform the toxic Tylenol into a non-toxic form.

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I have OCD and psychosis. Some people with OCD do have psychotic features.

Meanwhile my OCD is caused by my CPTSD.

I used to visit docs different times for different reasons. I started with bipolar and then OCD and then schizophrenia and then bipolar again. I think what I have is sza along with OCD. I had lots of episodes of psychosis. Since always I have been suffering with one symptom or the other. And have no interest in improving myself and lost desire to do any difficult activities.

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