I’m obsessed with my diagnoses

I have severe OCD and I’m constantly obsessing over my diagnosis.
I can’t stop thinking about it.

Maybe that’s because my new therapist recently diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder off the bat.

But my psychiatrist is still confused as to my actual diagnosis.

She keeps harping about bipolar disorder with severe OCD.

But then she tells me that schizoaffective could fit.

She recently changed it from bipolar to schizoaffective.

I’ve got to stop with the obsessions!

I can’t take antidepressants because they will make me nuts!

NAC is supposed to help with OCD. Would you try it ?

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I may try it.
Is it stimulating? @everhopeful

I don’t want for it to trigger mania.

It’s not stimulating. It does interact with abilify though. It makes abilify less effective.

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Do you take it?

I took it and it interacted with abilify, so I stopped taking it.

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I’ll try anything at this point.

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How long do you spend with the therapist and how long with the psychiatrist?

To be honest, my P. SZ diagnosis has been like stepping in dog ■■■■ that never comes off!

I tried to get them to re-look at it, and I was told there was no point.

When I was in hospital, the most time I ever spent in front of a psychiatrist was the few weeks I was there, and I got diagnosed.

Now I only have 30min consultations with the pdoc over the phone, and that is no way a decent amount of time to mess with someones diagnosis.

I found my letter from October 2013, where they finally gave me the SZ label, and I couldn’t believe how sick I was.

My view is that once medicated, it must be so hard for them to make any changes, and the catch is the drugs are even harder to come off!

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My new therapist is a licensed clinical social worker and she has worked and continues to work with severely ill psychiatric patients in a hospital setting.
I spend about 40 minutes with her each session.

So far I saw her once a week for five weeks.

She immediately with lots of confidence and no hesitation diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder.

My current psychiatrist has seen me for nearly 9 years, once a month for 15 minutes max each session.

She is stumped as to my actual diagnosis but leans towards bipolar disorder with severe OCD.

She recently diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder after I questioned the bipolar diagnosis.

She told me that schizoaffective fits me as well.

Go figure.

In the meantime I’m on powerful antipsychotics and the only symptoms I’m experiencing are OCD symptoms and some paranoid ideation.

I’m getting fed up with the whole mental health scene and how pathetic these disorders are diagnosed.

Give me a ■■■■■■■ break, please.

Honestly the reason why I became psychotic 5 years ago was because I came off of risperdal too quickly and was placed on Vraylar which probably made me manic.

These meds are very difficult to come off of safely.

Antipsychotic withdrawal can cause psychosis in itself.

Rapid discontinuation of an antipsychotic is not recommended when switching meds.

It should be done over a span of a couple of months if not more.

Yeah I feel the same way sometimes

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Sorry if I upset you @Wave :confused:

I do not know what it’s like to have the SZ (Or main/similar Dx change like that.)

Have them added recently though. I hate it all so much.

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No I wasn’t addressing you @Joker
Just venting in general.

All’s good.

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Ah ok, wasn’t sure

I was really obsessed too when they told me I had Autism, but it passed eventually

The trouble I find (Not sure about you), is that if that wasn’t there to worry about, then something else probably would just take its place.

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I think you are right.
I’d find something else to obsess about.

Not saying it’s a losing battle. I have found things subsided recently. Like coming off these meds I have in the last month, usually I’d make myself ill with worry, but somehow it has been avoided.

Hope you can find a way around this. I wouldn’t worry too much, as you’re you, and no dx will change that!

Maybe they can try and get their ■■■■ together, as I do understand your concerns, as you want to be treated properly for what your condition is

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Yeah thanks @Joker
This is what my therapist was trying to tell me.
That I’m more than my diagnoses and labels.

I’m just a little frustrated that my psychiatrist is still uncertain after all these years of knowing me.

Maybe I ought to be a better communicator.

I have been dealing with these doctors for a long time now like I am sure you have too.

Last time I spoke to the pdoc he was telling me how ‘wise’ it was to be on an AD.

I agreed, but after the call I decided the side effects were not for me. I am not dead yet! Trying to keep upbeat about it all as I am sure you’re also trying to be despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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I obsess over my dx too. I think I’m the most unworthy person on Earth because of my diagnoses.

It feels like, since the society does not love people like us, I shouldn’t love myself.

It doesn’t matter what I think about myself because the society is going to hate us anyway. So I see absolutely no point in loving myself or treating myself fairly.

So I just like to beat the ■■■■ out of myself and I don’t care if I died or not…

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i try to not obsess over my dx… it happens when i do but these days not so often anymore… i just try to put my mind on other things… it’s like you say, it’s just labels really huh. What matters the most is that you get the right meds and improve that way.