Occular Migraines

I get migraines that impair my vision but don’t hurt. Popped an ibuprofen and now it’s gone. That’s the first time I’ve tried that.

I got a few last year about this time, alcohol seemed to be the trigger. Anyway through research I found this article, started taking low dose aspirin, and have never had one since!


I wonder why so many sz people get migraines. I’d like to see a poll on that.

I get those sometimes. Usually the pain comes first, and then vision disturbances come later.
Last time, blurry vision came first, and then when I figured “I must be tired, I should go to bed”, the pain came.

My doctor has prescribed me Sumatriptan for the migraines, and they work. BUT. One of the side-effects is that it worsens psychosis, so I always take it with some prn (mainly Truxal)

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