Anyone here suffer from migraines?

I’m at a loss for words for how miserable I’ve been from migraines over the past few weeks. I don’t get them every day, but damn near. I have hijacked my wife’s Fioricet with no relief. I’ve been on Elavil, Imitrex, and Midrin, to name a few. I have an appointment with the neurologist on Friday. I get an aura before I get the full-blown headache. Over about an hour, I will lose vision in my right eye, like I’ve looked at the sun for too long. Then it progresses until I lose total vision. Then comes the headache and nausea. I was with a friend in his truck, and he had an open Rockstar energy drink. I was so disgusted by its stench, I threw the damn thing out the window. Anyone here have frequent migraines and what has worked for you?

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I learned a trick from a physical therapist once…there are two “pressure points” one on each muscle above your collar bones…have someone grab the pressure point muscles on each of your collar bones and poof, instant relief from headaches…the person has to firmly grab the muscles for at least a minute for it to work…good luck…


Migraines are a complicated condition, and require a complex history and neurological exam. There are around 5 different migraine variants (types), and each responds to different treatments.

I know when I worked in the ER, most providers would order opiate analgesics like oxycodone or morphine sulfate. These are short term treatments though usually.

There are a whole class of drugs called triptans (for which Imitrex is a member) used to treat migraines long term. There are like 10 different meds in this class. So I’m sure you can find one or a combo that works for you.

Hoping you find relief very soon bud!



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@radmedtech I get migraines with auras. Is Keppra worth a shot? Triptans don’t do jack for me.

That sucks that triptans don’t work for you :frowning:

I have to admit that I’m not familiar with Keppra for migraines. Hopefully the neuro can give you more expertise with meds than I can!



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I have migraines too. What helped a lot was blood pressure medicine. But I had to stop it because of side effects. I usually take Naproxen and go to bed. The worst migraines have made me completely wasted. I can’t walk,talk or anything. Feels like my head is exploding. But it has been better after I started neuroleptics. I have migraines about twice a year now compared to once a month.

i get the odd head ache when i forget to take my med at the proper time and also sometimes when i have a drink of alcohol

Yes,but not as frequently as i used to. Mine can leave me with a feeling of weakness down one side.

I get migraines frequently. I am on 200 mg of Topomax daily with Maxalt for flare ups with Tylenol#3.

I used to get them bad starting when I was a teenager. While pregnant I would get clusters of 1-2 a day for a week. I lost weight instead of gaining. I still get the aura sometimes and notice my sense of smell being heightened but I haven’t had a full blown migraine in probably a year now. For me a lot of it, being female, is hormonal plus I have learned some of my triggers. To much caffeine, not eating, certain kinds of foods during certain times of the month. My female hormones are under control so my migraines don’t get triggered the same plus I see a chiropractor on a regular basis.

Hopefully your neurologist can help you with this as it may have something to do with your new treatment.

Sometimes if you catch the aura signs quickly enough a strong coffee with two migraine Advil can do the trick. There is hot and cold compresses however I never did this because if you apply a cold one when it should be a hot one then you can make it worse. I think they are contracted or expanded blood vessels. But there are different kinds of migraines and triggers.

Quiet dark room. Throwing up seems to relieve the pressure for me.

When I get these. I have to go home and take 2 advil pm ibubrofen. They knock me out, but when I wake up-headache gone. The only way for me is to sleep, and I cant sleep when I have one of those migraines. you would have to check with your doctor to make sure its good with other meds.

In worst cases, other than the usual headache, nauseousness, and sensitivity to light, I had partial loss of vision, loss of speech, paralysis of my right arm, temporary memory loss, and numbness of my upper lip.

My cure turned out to be the avoidance of good old green peas.

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acupunture, grated ginger tea…i feel for you, i used to have them a lot.
take care

I get migraines a few times per week. Caffeine helps.

had a stonker of one today. took triptan, codiene, paracetamol and naproxen. knocked the bugger right out!

I came across this today looking up lavender oil for headaches.

I get migraines four times a week. Propranonol and ibprophen helped.

Have you tried the anti-migraine tablets? The stuff I get is from the supermarket and over the counter works a treat for me. I keep a pack in the house at all times. Pretty much instant relief.

Yeah aural migraines where i can barely see and also ones where i just get totally spaced out