Obsessive Internet use

I switch my computer on when I wake up - at around 11am. I go on the internet and all day keep visiting the same four or five websites. It is like I am going around in circles. I often have the tv or radio on and will take a break for a short while but then I am back online.

If I was doing something productive it would be a good thing, but there is nothing productive in this.

I was wondering if this obsessive internet use is a sign of mental illness?

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Oh I was like that before I started working, and I’m back to this same habit after I got off my job, but I don’t think it has to do with mental illnesses because I have many friends who live the same way over and over again…but doing something productive is my number one priority even if I couldn’t share it with the world.

Internet can be addicting for some people. i don’t think it’s any sign of mental illness.

Also depends on what you are looking at…I tend to do productive stuff as opposed to games, pornography and gambling that some people spend hours on :frowning:

I go on a couple forums, email with a very few people with meaningful conversations, as it is really my only contact with anyone. I look at news, do research into various topics, get my spiritual fellowship. Occasionally watch a youtube video : music, or short vids about interesting topics usually dealing with spirituality, nature, and maybe quantum physics…

I don’t have TV or radio. I do spend some hours online but it’s broken up between working around the house. Several years ago when i worked online i would spend up to 16 hours a day on the computer…but had to in order to watch investments and be ready if things looked shaky…so that was technically 'work"

So it really depends what sites you are going to. this particular forum I think is good because it’s a form of fellowship, even therapy for some, and you can offer advice and get advice.

Guilty of this!!!