Anyone having trouble with serious OCD?

All my life Ive had OCD, and I hate it more than even the schizothing… Mostly I feel like a person with negative schiz symptoms, and OCD instead of the typical schizotypal problems. I have always obsessive and instrusive thougts, and such. When I am not on zyprexa, I get it so bad, that it gets labeled as psychosis. Mostly thoug, It follows a OCD like pattern. It only gets to the point, where I think like Satan or God is implanting these thougts in me, and I see signs that my mind is monitored. But when off the meds, I get the same thougts, only not as strong, and I dont actually think too much that Satan put my thougts in and such…

Anyone else?

I had some OCD issues.

I just learned to space out when I could and stop feeling the need to talk in my head as much.

Most of it is gone now. I’m sorry you’ve got to deal with that. It was a pain to continuously think things that made me feel uncomfortable.

My OCD is pretty bad.

I will get intrusive thoughts and images, I obsess a lot and worry that people tamper with my food, etc…

I use to at one time after I was sure that I witnessed a satanic ritual in progress in this park a completely new voice told me that I need to find certain people at the time this voice said this I got a overwhelming smell of that ritual that I saw.

It smelled like a reptile aquarium you know that snakes live in? Mixed something else that was really gross so I figured it was god telling me to find the demon worshippers and I can do that with scent identification.

What reinforced this belief is right after these incidents I read this book called ‘ZOO’ that’s about animals all over the world going crazy and killing humans so the only way to not be killed is to soke yourself in animal scent because their olfactory sense is how they identify each other.

The author mentions that there is a theory that the human oflactory organ whatever its called shrunk as we evolved away from living like beasts hunting for survival and before it shrunk we not only had heightened sense of smell but some kind of telepathic ability.

So I traveled through 5 states sniffing everyone up close looking for demons and for some reason I couldn’t control it LOL.

oh yeah I also have kinda a twitch and a strange posture but I think those physical.

I hate my OCD more so than my schizo-affective disorder. I get really bad intrusive thoughts and images. For instance, I keep getting the thought that I will be tortured and my family will be tortured in a parallel universe or in an after-life. It causes me severe distress. I know it’s irrational but it feels so real. I don’t have much compulsions. I think my OCD is more pure than the traditional type. I don’t know what to do. Antidepressants don’t work well. Maybe I should try inositol?

I have some weird, compulsive behaviors that I think are kin to OCD. When I’m around people I involuntarily engage in body language that can be degrading, hostile, and abnormal. I am mortified by this problem. It is a trial for everyone. Sometimes a person might become hostile in retaliation, but almost always everyone gives me the benefit of the doubt. Some people retaliate with hostile innuendo and cutting behavior of their own, but no one ever gets physical or anything. A lot of people try to manipulate it for their own ends. A lot of people see me as vulnerable, and try to take advantage of it in some way, but I’m not as vulnerable as they think. Usually people with a low self image are the people who react to it the most negatively.

I count to threes. Like while I’m driving I count to 3 lightpoles. or 12. or 12…and then 3. Tiles on the floor and stuff, I count in 3’s and 12’s. or 15. But other than that I’m not bad.

ocd sucks…sorry man.
take care :alien:

your not the only one in the boat.

I also get obsessive thoughts that go round and round… they grow as they cycle.

I can’t let small things go… I get very edgy about simply things…

For me…it’s also the intrusive thoughts and images. I hate having them hit my head.

Some times it’s so real feeling… it really messes me up.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

Tnx people
Anxiety sucks👽

I have minor checking ocd. I check faucet water taps or heaters or locks etc

Perhaps of value to you?

yeah I got OCD thoughts brought on by thought broadcast. feels like everything I think, say and do are public so I get super stressed when I have a bad thought or bad conversation. Get obsessive and hyper aware of my thoughts and actions. Feel the need to punish myself mentally after having an innappropriate thought.

Althought this has become a lot easier since I added fluvoxamine to my clozapine, still happens semi often.