Obsessing over things and people

I want to make it clear that I never intend to be creepy or strange around people. I just become paranoid of them often after I inform them of my diagnosis.

I have a friend who I basically became terrified of. I told her with out using the name, some of the symptoms I experience so she could understand why I did something. I often expect people to lash out at me. She didn’t(no one ever has).

My mind began running over why. It with voices came to the conclusion that she was waiting until I was comfortable to kill me. She is very religious but in a non-traditional way. I recall telling her to “not send her people after me” many times while I was paranoid.

My meds where changed and we made up after I pretty much offended her, accused her of secret societies, and trying to kill me many times. We are on good terms now.

How does one stop this from happening in the future? How to prevent having the mind latch on to a select few and obsess over them???

----Please note that I would never harm a living thing unless in defense. I only have and had the intentions of self-preservation.

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I usually think about the things I’m latching onto and then I think about something happy and nice. It makes those feelings go away.

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I just can’t seem to get them out. I literally obsess which is creepy :frowning:

Obsession can be draining. I really hate that because i used to obsess over things too.

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That sounds like paranoid schizophrenia…

Trusting people is tough. You gotta realize that deep down you are physically safe. You can lock your doors and avoid dangers and what not… just like normal.

I’m sorry but you are not special… you are not a target. Sz does not make you any different on the surface. You will be seen on the outside just like anyone else. Eccentric stuff aside.

Lynchings and witch hunts are over… being an athiest or a queer or anything else… shouldn’t ever get you killed. Unfortunately there is still a lot of bigotry out there, but that’s mainly just words and insults and frustrations with things some folk can’t process or understand or accept… blah blah blah

No one is after you… you seem like a modest girl in her 20s (I’m assuming)…

Fear is a psychological phenomenon. It’s controlled by small portion of the brain that dominates are fight or flight processing. It hasn’t been correlated to any neuro-chemicals.

To get away from fear… the only real way is spend time doing things that allow you to feel unafraid… it weakens the connections and strength that enable fight or flight processing (panic mode).

The hallucinations will do all they can to make you afraid… to keep you obsessive… to make you paranoid. You have to look at the voices objectively. They are mysterious, and their nature not fully known, but you have to contain them somehow. “They are just voices, they are not real.”

It is super tough to do… but if you can do it occasionally you might be able to disconnect the strength of that fear… then it might be easier to trust people.

You got to restore a normal world-view… you have to force yourself to see it.

No gods, no masters, no magic, no conspiracies. No personal vendettas against you. No automatic enemies…

I hope this helped. There is a lot of stuff… a lot of depth to the nature of this illness.

Keep in close contact with your doctors. This is just some personal stuff that worked for me so consider it for yourself… grain of salt and what not.

I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. You don’t typically seem to talk like this so I didn’t know you were struggling with issues like these.


Same here. Most often heard words in my home courtesy of Mrs. Pixel: “You need to dial it back, dear.”

I have a set of rules I operate by and expect others to operate by. People who don’t play by those rules (common sense ethics) make me quite literally nutz. I have a hard time not going full bore OCD over it.

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Thank you for the advice. It is really hard. Sometimes I don’t even acknowledge it is happening and find it hard to talk about. Problem is that it switches people which gets annoying.