Object that aren't there?

Has any one had the delusion of objects that aren’t there? Like ghost objects?

I perceive a lot of things and living creatures that aren’t there, physically!

Cats, humans, sometimes I’ll see some of my favorite authors or musicians and I’ll talk to them, send them mental touches (like petting the cats mentally, or non-verbal cues for the humans I see)…

I’ll see thrones, or torture racks, or I’ll be looking at a person who is physically there, and I’ll see them with their actual clothing on AND naked, simultaneously…

Even up at 600mg clozapine a day, none of this changed… I’m down to 175mg a day, and we’re reducing by 25mg a month, until we find the minimum dose that I can be on (or maybe down to 0mg, and just do the lithium!!)

I’m up to 900mg lithium ER in the morning and 600mg lithium ER in the evening… it hasn’t REMOVED the sight of creatures who aren’t there, but they don’t bother me anymore, and I seem to be calmer and happier.

I also mentally talk to the people on the TV screen…

Even if they are imaginary, I PERCEIVE it all as REAL… So I do my best to be polite, respond to them as if they are real…

Try this: If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud, don’t say it to the people you see!


yeah sometimes I’ll see like Christmas decorations wrapping themselves around my arms

Only time I get scared, these days, are when I’m outside during the night, and I see people standing like 5-10 feet away from me. lol!!

Sorry, I started rambling.

What sort of things you see?

I see things moving on me but it’s rare

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