O no! first sign of moles...again

was hoping maybe they didn’t survive the winter but not so. just went out on my walking path and a mole had surfaced. I don’t know what im going to do. I wish they weren’t here but im not going to go out and hunt them. woe is me. at least they avoided the garden last year, maybe this year will be the same.

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A good outdoor cat will chase them all away, I can’t think of anything else :open_mouth: Ever since we had Chloe in our last house the chipmunks in the area all vanished.

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O lawd, I thought you meant moles on your skin LOL.


haha no. those pesky little critters that tear up my lawn.

My dogs would dig them up sometimes they would make more holes than the moles. I hope the moles leave your garden alone. Best wishes.

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