O Happy Day

O Happy Day
You’re just a day
In a lifetime
When I am happy

Lol. Good morning! I did so much sauna, jazuzzi and ice pool and extreme different temperatures in a day, I still feel my body temperature is strange, warm, cold, I am not sure. I also got a one hour massage. My God. :sob: It was too good.

Now the week has started. I have a lot of plans for this week. Major production then cleaning then exercise today.
I have to seriously start exercise. It is unbelievable. The laziness needs to stop. I am afraid of gaining weight back. I have been eating a lot more since last week. :frowning: Anyway, so hopefully everything will be back to normal again and I will continue on my weight loss journey.

I need to work and work and work more. I feel good so I can. The weather is so nice so at night I will go for a long walk. I’ll just put on music and go, soon it becomes a habit.

Not much else. Hope everyone is doing well! :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention, I almost drowned in the ice pool :frowning: Jeez!!

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It sounds like you’re having an awesome start to an awesome week. I’m so glad to see it. Have a great day sweetheart.


Did you cramp up in the ice pool?

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Kudos to you for grabbing Blue Monday by the horns.

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No the ice pool was so amazing!!! By mistake I swam to the deeper side and I had no clue so I almost drowned :frowning: I had to save myself though no one even noticed I was drowning. Funny/sad combination

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