Nowhere to be


One little ship
Adrift in the sea
Rising with the waves
Nowhere to be

A single leaf
Fallen from the tree
Swirling in the wind
Nowhere to be

My gentle soul
Happy and free
On the waves, in the wind
With nowhere to be



I am sorry but you sound depressed in this poem…are you o k?


I am just like that when I write anyway. But no I’m not ok. I’m struggling. I just need some time to get the pendulum to stop swinging and stabilize. I’m coming off a manic and as you know that means a crash. I’m also having a lot of brain zaps and it’s making me more anxious than normal. I just want out of my body right now and I’m refusing to self medicate because in the long run that will only make it worse and prolong the episode. So no, I’m not ok. I wish I could lie like I usually do and say I’m fine, but I’ve decided to stop that bad habit too.


I Hope you feel better soon. I go through the same things. Mania and then the crash landing. I like your writing. An expression of human feeling. That’s the point of writing, art and music, isn’t it?