Does anyone write poetry?

I miss writing poems on the forum. pob I miss your poems. do you think we could have a poetry section? It’s comforting to just make up poems when you feel creative and hear back from others what they thought?

I do sometimes, but nothing I feel is good enough to post publicly

My favorite short poem:

    Adam had'em

I used to make up poems on the old site late at night. Maybe I’ll try that sometime. There is a creativity section – yeah, this is on it. I remember your poems, Jukebox. There was something about then I really liked. And your stories -

Everybody’s got their own voice.

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I’ve posted a few on the board since I’ve been here. I suffer from depression as well so some can get dark so haven’t posted any like that. The rules here does limit what i can post also. My poise sucks at the moment also. So much so I’m starting to think someone stole my mojo and replaced it with cujo. But mostly i write to express what I can’t seem to explain. So it’s a way to vent for me.

I posted many poems on the board in the past, you can find these, now my poetic creativity has dried out.

Never been big on poems. I’m more of a story writer than poetry.

i write sometimes in the creativity section :thumbsup:

I write poetry, but I seem to be at my most creative when experiencing out of control mania or when I am mixed - manic and depressed at the same time. This holds true for my artwork as well

When I was17 and just becoming ill I wrote loads of poetry think I’ve thrown it out now and haven’t written poetry for many years I wrote songs too

write poetry, and I plan on posting them in the creative section. I prefer doing it here rather than on Y!A because it gets annoying on there, and here is less judgmental and full of people with similar circumstances.

Keep your writing up.

@pob where are you these days? I haven’t seen you post in months !

Hey, jukebox - I’ve been busy learning to live among the other folks at the oldfolks home. In order to eat every day you have to take SHOWERS. That takes half of my day…

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oh I didn’t know…hope you pop in more here…I miss you.

The sun sets to shine
The Moon leaves me blind
Late June and autumn combine
I have tingles down my spine.
Caressed by a holy lady
but she leaves when I start feeling achy
Metaphors for my delight
There’s only trouble in sight.
Waiting for the winter glow
it all seems so simple when you don’t know.
The ways of days in mazes
constantly contradicting with sudden crazes.
I thought this was just a phase
but my eyes stay in a constant glaze.
New age, Old Soul
I’m a little too happy though.
A little bit up and down
Replace a regular face with a sudden frown.
Dreams of a rural town
I’m a fiend for my thoughts profound
Caught in the city ways
Caught in a nonsense chase.
Tales of tails
the cat drinks the merchants ales
The man thinks of poets, but to no avail
A slave thinks of jail
because he gave everything tooth and nail
But there’s no presence or sense
of cents and presents
he’d be better off being a grateful peasant.
Sometimes I wonder why we go on
Then the dusk is replaced by dawn
So quickly
So for at least for now I don’t feel so sickly
My stomaches growling
My mothers hounding
Telling me to get out
But I didn’t choose that route
The devil did
he gives me fits
now I’m on the side of the highway with a sweater I knit
A feather quilt
Can’t measure how long I’ve been on this trip.
But I just keep going because I’m trying to get a grip
I’m hungry as hell, and hells got another membership
And it all started with that very first sip
The very first time my mother said “Hello Kid”.

Idk what I call it yet but I wrote it the other day

Some of you are really creative.