November is American Diabetes Month

This is Diabetes month. Like many I suffer from diabetes. It is interesting to note that most of the weight gained by diabetics happens after they are put on medication other than metformin to control their sugar. Insulin is one of the big culprits. Also my internist gave me information that artificial sweetness cause a lot of weight gain. She suggests going through sugar detox and staying off the artificial sweetners.

How goes your control of your body’s sugar. Personally in a year I went from a A1C of 6.4 to 5.9. My highest was 7.1.

Do you struggle? Any tips you have to share?

Every month is diabetes month for me. Thanks, Zyprexa.

I’ve never had trouble losing weight because of artificial sweeteners. If I exercise, I lose weight. My problem right now is I don’t have time to exercise.


I managed to lose a lot of weight, through less calories and regular walking.

Since I lost the added weight, my blood glucose levels have been more stable.

For a couple of days I went off track a bit, my blood glucose levels shot up.

Happy to say that I am back on track :smile: