Notmoses please help

If you knew NOTHING about a person, what would you theorize controls their life?

I’m not notmoses, but I’d say start by reading the Wikipedia article on Maslows hierarchy of needs.


Read it, that doesn’t apply. I want to know what people’s general emotional baggage is.

Hmm try learning cold reading techniques :smile:


Evolution controls all life

No, emotionally @mortimermouse. A person walks into your office, what do you already suspect hinders them emotionally?

Fear of the unknown. Who would open up to a stranger. Many people are intimidated by shrinks and see them as not even human.

Try to see it more broadly. What rules in day to day life. Not just the office.

I already said that evolution drives basic human behavior. You went from “no, in the office” to “no, not in the office” so I stand by my original answer.

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Um, I’d say their hormones control them.

You know, our hormones are responsible for weight gain or loss, balance of equilibrium and so much more.

Hormones and evolution are not emotions.

I don’t think such a thing exists. And some people don’t feel emotions. But you could probably safely assume that almost everyone has emotional issues that stem from their childhood.

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I’ve been pondering fear…

We try to reach out… for fear of being alone…

We hide from others after reaching out… due to fear of ridicule and pain

When I was taken involuntarily into hospital because I finally crossed the line… that entire month… I was in a panic and paranoid state… It boils down to fear of being alone…

I was afraid that the ONLY person left who understood me…was being taken from me… so I had to take that person back…

I got a bit more med compliant after my stint of homelessness… because of my fear of ever being homeless again.

When my family took over my life a few years ago… and decided I needed a med change and decided what therapy I needed… I didn’t fight back due to fear of being written off…

That’s just me…

---- I wanted to add… it took a lot of work to let go of the fear and grasp the love…

With love… it will work out… I won’t be alone… I will be able to get help if I need it…
love is also pretty powerful stuff… to know you have love is to also face fear down.

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Lets play a guessing game until he comes! Winner gets a dinner with @notmoses and free workbook!

I will say, the way one talks about his key figures: Mum and Dad.

Not a bad idea. At all.

Well, what else is there to say? She pretty much hit it.

I like fish. And caesar salad.

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Wow man !!! You got a groupie.

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That’d be waaaaaaaay under-rating that girl (considering the education she has).