Not wanting to think positively

In that regard, I didn’t realize I was copying my dad. He just didn’t want to risk the chance of getting hurt by thinking positively about anything. Miserable, but safe being negative.

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These types or irrationality are hard to break. For some reason we begin to believe and feel that being negative creates a shell , but in reality this shell we create only let’s more negativity in.

Being positive doesn’t mean you have to be sensitive and shining and open for attack.

Allow yourself to truly feel how you want to feel. And if you don’t know how you want to feel then figure out how you want to feel and alleviate what is keeping you from feeling that way.

Not everything we experience is physical. There is alot more to life than what meets the eye. There’s some scary stuff out there and also some good stuff. Focus on emitting love to yourself

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Negativity creates people you love to hate.

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…that is more shells! :wink:


Negativity also repulses people, especially the ones who are the closest to you.

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There are pwople that I l9ve bit I can not stand to be around them lately. Our energy doesn’t line up.

Makes me feel like I am having to suppress myself.

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I think it’s called being frustrated.

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I think being positive for negative people means something different than it does for positive people. Like you said negative people will think being positive sets you up for disappointment. Though when positive people get disappointed they find another reason to be positive, so disappointment isn’t a hang up.

Being positive is like walking on a treadmill, if it speeds up and you fall back you just keep looking ahead and continue walking.

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You’re right. I guess it’s easier to hold onto a negative outlook than to peer at positivity like an unknown ocean.

We are creature of habit. It’s hard to break ourselves from some

This sounds as if someone is trying to fake dementia :smile:

"I’ll jump out of the window, let’s be optimistic I may be able to fly or there may be something soft down there.
…Ouch! I broke my legs… OK no disappointment… Let’s try that again, after all I can’t broke my legs now! It’ll be GREAHHHHHHHhhhh!