My mistake

at one point long ago in my life i tried to think positive about everyone and it worked quite well for me. then i decided one day that that was my problem – that i wasn’t concentrating on my problems and i was avoiding reality and working through problems and issues including in relationships. then now i am paranoid.

somehow the happy medium eludes me.

i might try to going back to thinking positive about everyone as best i can.


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Positivety mantras do not necesarely works, so you can say lots ofpositive things about you and your life and not much would happend.

I guess it is very important to see the positivity in others, to see the best in everyone. That would be an accomplishment that everyone around will feel.

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i agree with what you wrote me here davincii. it is going to be a task i h ave got to do. judy

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I have blind optimism and positivity. It gets me into bad situations sometimes. Maybe feeling negatively about people is a defence mechanism. It’s better to be wise than naive

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