Not told about diagnosis change

Why would my ICD-10 diagnoses change without me being informed and told this?

Now I have:

Paranoid Schizophrenia
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Anxiety and Depression

The depression was added, and I was not informed of this change until I received my clinic letter today

He says it’s Dysthymic which I had to Google.

I am not impressed either by the medication.

When my old pdoc retired, I was only on:

Amisulpride 800mg
Diazepam 30mg.

Now I am on additionally

Pregabalin 300mg
Sertraline 50mg
Aripiprazole 5mg
Procyclidine 25mg
Levomepromazine 25-50mg

How is it that once my trusted doctor left who was my psychiatrist for nearly 17 years, I ended up on all these meds, and all of a sudden I am autistic and suffer from anxiety and depression?

This makes no sense that after all this time, they keep messing with me and I am getting upset about it now

I guess your new doctor has a different diagnostic and treatment philosophy than your old one. This is not unusual.


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I think this is out of order.

I know I am taking an anti-depressant, but he did not tell me he was going to inform my GP that I have depression. I just thought it was low mood and temporary

Did not even see him face to face, and this is diagnosed over the phone

Also there is no date for next appointment and my old pdoc used to keep me informed.

He sent me pages and pages of links to all sorts of organisation and charities to contact for help.

So angry

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