My diagnosis are being changed without informing me

recently I found out that first I was diagnosed as psychotic disorder nos, and than when my psychiatrist was changed I was diagnosed as schizoaffective… how can this 2nd psychiatrist diagnose me as schizoaffective if he never seen me in psychosis, and when ever I tell him about my rare symptoms, he listens me and responds that’s interesting. he never had or known anyone that have the same symptoms and still he decided to diagnose me as schizoaffective. At least he could of tell me that my diagnoses has been changed.

Yeah, my pdoc did the same thing. I went in thinking I was one thing and he said I was another, sza but didn’t tell me for months. Then when he did tell me it was like ahhah all the pieces fell together and made sense. They are just labels though.


it changes all the time, i wouldn’t worry about it.
take care

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