Can they diagnose you/change diagnosis without telling you they have?

Just wondering cause last I saw/was told it was generic psychosis (F29 I think in the ICD), but when recently was being helped to fill out some forms, the person helping me checked my notes and said it was F20, which looking up on google says is paranoid schizophrenia

Yep. A lot of doctors are sneaky about diagnoses for some reason. I see no practical reason for this other than it allows them more flexibility to change it without the patient becoming confused.

Yeah, I didn’t know my diagnosis had been changed from bipolar I w/ psychotic features to bipolar-type sza again until I asked my dr where she falls on that subject. So yeah, she’s considered me sza for some time, just didn’t tell me that until I asked. I suppose the label I’m given doesn’t matter that much, all that really matters is that I’m getting the help I need. Sza makes a lot more sense for me, though, even if it does mean being on APs at all times for the rest of my life. It’s whatever, I’ll do what I have to do.

My Psych always changes my diagnosis without me knowing it.
All I know is that my Psych recently said that I’m Delusional and Paranoid.
That’s all I know.

Seems with each new pdoc comes a new Dx added on to my list. They never really tell me, and I hate to ask, it just comes out in the conversations sometimes.

I was sz until I asked my pdoc to fill out some paperwork for a scholarship. She put down that I have delusional disorder. Otherwise I would still think I am P SZ