Not sure if someone rang my belllast night

Was asleep but woke up suddenly as though someone had rung my doorbell. There was no note or anything.

Left with a unshakeable feeling that I missed something important.

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Has that happened before?

I have this thing where right before I go to sleep, I hear a loud, often frightening, noise. There is some term for it. Could it be something like that?

And I think, if it was really important, surely the person would stick around and wait long enough after ringing the doorbell. You might consider questioning whether it really happened. But even if it did, it could also just be something like a person accidentally ringing the wrong door and leaving as soon as they realized it.

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You see that’s what I think. If someone did call at 11pm it would have to be important so they would have rung at least twice. This makes me think I hallucinated the whole thing and am psychotic.

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could it have been a ding dong ditch?? Like where kids ring the doorbell and runaway? Used to happen in my neighborhood a lot

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Didnt you say right down stairs is an airbnb rental? I thought it was you but I could be mistaken.

If did even happen it was probably someone from there?


Yeah it was me @anon12908646. I hope it was just a mistake or a prank.

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You start to drift off to sleep when all of a sudden you hear your doorbell ring.

You jump up to answer the door only to find that there’s no one there. So you go back to bed.

No sooner have you start to doze again than you hear another ring of the doorbell, but this time something is different - it’s not YOUR doorbell, it sounds different. You sit up startled, and look around the room before getting back into bed.

Eyes closed, and then the phone rings once and stops. Tired, irritated, and a little scared that someone or something is playing tricks on you, you return to sleep.

Doorbells, phones, knocking, people calling your name, even short tunes wake me up, none of which are real. That is to say that none are generated by external stimuli, they are in fact hypnagogic hallucinations, and to the brain they are very real.

To be more precise, these images and hallucinations can be either hypnogogic or hypnopompic, but they are generally lumped together under the banner of hypnaogic.

Hypnogogic = going into sleep
Hypnopompic = waking from sleep


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