Not spending any money this month

just rent and groceries this month. I spent quite a bit last month, I bought a couch and a breakfast nook, and some clothes. the whole spending thing started in November when I had to spend in order to qualify for Medicaid.

I regret giving money to the church, if I was smart I would have taken that money and set it aside for next Christmas. by the time Christmas rolls around I may be broke again.

I will start spending again in march probably on garden supplies and my dad has a bday, im going to get him a commercial lawn blower. mostly im getting it for myself as I will need to use it here more than he will need it. its way easier to blow the leaves in the fall than it is to rake them up.

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Just out of interest how old are you?

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turned 34 last November.

I remember you posting something about not wanting to work so I thought you were an old man lol

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i worked from the age of 16-26. it left me with the feeling that business owners are ■■■■■■■■, they don’t care about they’re employees. they just need labor to help them. also they ask you to restrict your freedoms by consenting to background checks and taking drug tests, i just think the whole thing is ■■■■■■■■ and totally one way in this country.

i will probably go back to work eventually in order to make more money but it will be a low stress job or maybe union. i know not to do anything to stressful. you have to look out for yourself and your own health, my job doesn’t care about me. time marches on.

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Dang @Lifer if you want to spend money I could use help with groceries. Lol, kidding. Sort of.

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ha, im not that rich. i have things to spend my money on now. like my garden and improving my place. i’ll probably be broke before summer’s out, then im going to apply for ssi to go along with my ssdi. im hoping to get an extra $300-400 dollars. im not sure what to expect, extra income would help.

I got no money to spend :frowning:

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