I'm running out of stimulus money

And other money I’ve gotten for Christmas and just because. I’ve needed so much for the new apartment and there’s been a few splurges and I’ve been giving money to my son in law for my grandbabies and recently I bought my daughter a new phone. It’s just been adding up really fast. I’m going to have to start thinking about things before I spend and I hate that. I hate being on a budget.


leaf! You’re up early.
Yeah, living on limited income can suck. I was usually broke when I lived on my own.
Now that I’m with my parents and have received back disability payments I have all kinds of extra cash. I will probably just keep saving it though since I will likely need it when my parents die.

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I’m always up early. Yea those back disability payments are nice. I didn’t get any because I was approved right away, no waiting. No back pay.

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