Not "spacially" aware

I feel like I have a kind of blindness that cannot distinguish where I am physically. I know I have no depth perception so maybe this is the reason.

How do you have no depth perception?

An infantile head injury by a doctor. It’s one of the reasons I am disappointed in doctors and don’t tend to trust them.

but both your eyes work?

Yes, they just don’t coordinate.

Thats weird. Probably has lot to do with your sense of location.

That’s what I was trying to explain. I have no sense of being located. I only know the difference because with exercising and concentration, I can have a sense of depth perception. But I can’t make it last more than a few seconds.

There certainly has to e some kind of therapy for that. Sounds like an odd problem im sorry you’re going through that.

One doctor tried working with me but my Dad wouldn’t pay for it.

It’s hard to even imagine what that’s like

Shortly thereafter is when I was sent to a psychiatrist by my college. My Dad didn’t dare fight of the school. I never made the connection at the time.

So what kind of symptoms do you have? You don’t really talk about delusion or voices.

I woke up one morning and thought I’d killed the girl that roomed next to me. I was really shook up and went to the councilor who sent me to a shrink.

So your only mildly schizophrenic

I definitely experience a loss of depth perception at times. I also feel like I am off balance at times.

It doesn’t feel mild to me. I’ve been on psychotic breaks where I did hear voices. The shrink never did solve the problem. And like I said, he had two strikes against him simply because he was a doctor. This forum has helped me more.

Yeah just got learn to live with this ■■■■. I mean I think I’m getting better. I definitely remember being psychotic it’s not a good place to be

Our provider just said that about one of my housemates a couple of days ago. “Her head isn’t in a good place now.”

Well I for one hope i can find a good place for my head. All those years of trying to be different and now I just want to conform and share that normal head space.

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