Not sleeping tonight

Wife has to work all night so I won’t be going to sleep. I find it difficult to sleep alone and honestly it is uncomfortable to be sitting alone at night, too quiet.

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First thing that came to my mind - ‘Take those old records off the shelf!’

Sorry. I know it’s a serious thing for you…

I live with my kid sister, I can not sleep at all until she’s home safe and sound. I lay in bed, eyes wide open, my mind racing with 100 different things that can go wrong for a teen-aged girl at night.

i only wish i could sleep more than 4 hours .( i am trying all the recommended remedies! )
take care

Try melatonin- its a natural sleep aid and it works for me. I need 9 or 10 hours of sleep every night or I feel sore and tired the next day. I think it’s the meds…i never drank this much coffee in my life before this new meds regiment im on.

I live with my family and kids and there’s always people around me but I would be too scared to sleep at night if I lived alone.