Not Safe for Work, but OK Here

Hey guys,

I’m resigning as moderator. I don’t want to help operate a site where 13-year-olds can sign up and view depictions of sex and nudity. I also don’t think it’s relevant to a site devoted to the support of mental illness and the dissemination of information about mental illness.

I might visit from time to time to read but it is very unlikely I’ll be back posting.

I’ve had a great time here and you guys, most of you :smiling_imp: are top notch people. There are too many to say goodbye to personally but you now who you are.


p.s. Take your meds.

So sorry to see you go, again. Bon voyage (and that is meant genuinely)!

I don’t like to see the picture of nudity and sex either. I think just because we have you, moderators, this site had become a place that is much safer and more decent than before. I appreciate your work as a moderator. Why have you decided to leave us, Malvok?

Malvok, no.

It’s just a drawing. This site needs people like you.

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I hope you come back here again. Everybody need a break sometimes. I have missed the entire thing about the nude picture. Idon’t like to watch pictures of sex either. But some nude pictures can be very beautiful and artistic. It depends on the picture.

hey Malvok, sad to hear you want to go. I won’t post about pro weed things anymore either. I think that bothers you? I won’t do it anymore. I will keep it to myself. Is that better?

Why didn’t you or one of the other mods just delete the post? I do agree that it was inappropriate, but I don’t see why you have to resign.




I agree with @radmedtech about this. Couldn’t you do something about this rather than resigning? Do you have inner conflict over acting as a censor? I know I would myself but, as you say, it is something that must be done for the good of all.

Or is it just something you’re not allowed to do? Couldn’t that be changed?

If you do leave, I am very sorry to have to see you go. Your story has been an inspiration.

I just deleted it. That is why we are here :smile:

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does that mean that there is an opening for a mod then? haha

seriously tho i’m sorry but it will be sad to see you go

and tbh when i first read the title of the thread i thought you were going to talk about how you were enjoying being a mod here and that you couldn’t work anywhere else,