Not Moses22

I’m suicidal I have posted my life and the abuses and the bulllying inthis site they are being used against me to walk into traps such a mind ■■■■ it’s everywhere everywhere I’m treated badly by a select few why should I live why

I’m not notmoses but I’m sorry you feel this way. I hope you don’t think I treat u bad @daze. Sometimes I get paranoid to post or read responses so may come off wrong. U have much to live for. Poetry art writing. Take a break from the site if u deem necessary. Then come back when u have a greater grasp on things idk. I could say more but…just don’t kill urself. Ur a cool person. Peace and feel better

Thanks can you talk awhile what are your plans for your birthday tomorrow?

what’s happening Daze??? I knew you were down but didn’t dream of you being suicidal…please talk to me?

Idk it seems hopeless like setups and abuses

What is house like jukebox? Are you in country or city?

Going out for Mexican food is my only plan lol. Thanks for remembering my bday btw. Awesome when ppl remember stuff like that. Pm me anytime

I just come here for support idk I don’t want to leave but the idiots try to further abuse

I live in a 2 bedroom house, Daze. In town although it’s a small town. Rent is very low. Do you want to move?

Oh yeah they used to put big Sombrero on us as teenagers and sing happy birthday in Spanish hope you get the treatment

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No I don’t want to move or travel or anything just wanna drink and get over the next blow

Some people think you are so pathetic that you actually deserve more and more abuse

And they challenge your notions of abuse as if you are just exaggerating

I am so sorry for your pain. Abuse is so tragic because it scars so deeply. I am sorry for your plight. Perhaps have someone come over and talk things out? Maybe your daughter?

I call these people evil but they are actually next door or in your class or at the pharmacy

Really? Not in my experiences here. I told @shellys12 About some of my worst abuse months back (doesn’t matter if she remembers or not) but she was very supportive. And my abuse was really embarrassing!

Please don’t hurt yourself Daze? Please! I couldn’t live with the thought of you being so kind to me and then you die or something like that?

She’s in Brazil honey thank god don’t want her to see it no I’ll call somebody thanks

Yeah I guess if everybody would just let me die it would be easier.

Forget I said that. Talk to you tomorrow.

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