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Yesterday I heard something. I have been living in my little town for 21 years since coming back from the USA. I have been telling you about the town and some issues we may have. I have been living in my own little world and I have not been watching the news what is happening elsewhere in Finland, especially in Helsinki. But yesterday I heard something, their problems such as the street violence are much worse than I could have imagined. Finland and Helsinki has changed a lot and some people are afraid of walking in some areas of Helsinki. I never want to go to Helsinki in my life, I like to live in my own much peaceful reality here in Eastern Finland.

Well, I guess count your blessings that you live in your little town. It seems like large cities generally have more crime so it’s not surprising that Helsinki isn’t as safe as it may have been in the past.


Goodbye Helsinki, I also heard that in some areas in Sweden there are some many weapons that even the police s afraid of going there. Just yesterday there was in the news how the whole wall had exploded in the war between different gangs in Sweden. Goodbye Sweden too.

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Sweden is done for and it’s because of mass - immigration. Everyone who opposes the dogma from the left are called racists.

Everyday we hear about new killings, shootings, explosions and robberies. Drugs are everywhere.

Sweden is very unsafe!

Be glad that you live in Finland and in a small town.

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It sounds as the situation in Sweden has become similar to the situation how it was in Miami in the early 1980s where there were killings, drugs, Cubans etc everywhere. It has become the hell. The movie Scarface illustrates this situation very well. I am afraid that in a few years Finland, Helsinki and other bigger cities are similar. So goodbye the future. I may just continue doing my AI interest.

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I think Finland is safe. Bigger cities seem to draw people with a lot of social problems. It’s like that in every larger city around the globe.

I don’t think you need to worry.

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We live in different realities. My little town’s problems seem so little compared to those f.ex in Helsinki. I used Bing Chat to ask about the current state of street violence in Helsinki and it has become much worse,especially young people are doing robberies, beatings, many knives have been confiscated. People from immigrant backgrounds are doing this and I am afraid it is becoming worse.I never want to go to Helsinki.

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Today was an interesting day. I talked about this current street violence in Helsinki and in Sweden with many people. Some people were aware of it but some were not. People had different opinions what to do about it and one person said that the politicians are living in a bubble. I commented what Greta Thunberg had said a few years ago ‘put politicians against the wall’. She had to explain her words later. One person with whom I talk follows the state of Finland on the net daily (I am not doing it), but he has a lot of info about Finland and we talked how the nationalistic movement in Finland has gone underground. Some people have really radical opinions what should be done to the immigrant youth who are doing this violence in Helsinki. But drugs have also come to my little town and when I was waiting to pay my groceries at Lidl there were two younger women who obviously seemed to be under influence of some substances. I got a lot of info today.

I visited Helsinki few months ago and found it to be awful city

A 25 year old woman died today because of a bomb that was set next to her building. She was innocent and didn’t have anything to do with the gang rivalry going on.

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