Not happy. Not Sad

Just empty To the point of torture.

Can psychosis be an escape from this? I had a job, a mission, a goal, meaning. I don’t know what’s worse, being delusional or feeling like this.


Psychosis. When I’m alone and lonely my worst delusion is better than the void. Moving out of my dad’s house helped the lack of feeling. Do you live with parents? Also: the void isn’t always bad. Maybe it’s fear. If I give in I feel fine.

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I live with my spouse. Yet i feel completely alone. Disconnected.

Others mentioned this feeling on here before.
It’s just so persistent. Want to feel something but can’t.
Also having to display emotion when there are none.

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Sounds like negs. The A’s…alogia, apathy and other A’s. It’s something most find on the meds because your postitives are taken care of but the negatives aren’t addressed.

It’s important to keep fighting. Do some exercise. Regular keeps you on point. Keep regular because for me it works well. It’s easier to fight if you have the steps in your day…No easy answers but keep fighting and set yourself some goals. One step at a time.


I been really trying to be positive - but i cant participate in the positive threads like post 3 things, and other positive threads when i feel like this.

This is kind of an abrupt i have to let it out post. about a couple months ago i was excited i did 50 push ups a few days. I’ve lost interest in everything along time ago. But right now, its more than lost of interest. Being awake is a struggle. Sorry for the negativity.

I’m gonna try to take any advice I can. I’m not okay living like this.

thanks @Jinx @rogueone

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Try not to be too hard on yourself.
If you have anhedonia as i have theres little you can do about it and you learn to live with it.
I dont know theres anything can be done about lack of pleasure or numbness

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For some people apparently it goes after a while so maybe theres a window of hope

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Thanks @spaceoptic

I will try to not spiral into negativity. It is what it is, its just a lot of suffering.

What meds are you on? Abilify, vraylar and rexulti are meds that help with negative symptoms to a certain degree.

Max Geodon / Half Latuda. (3 years now)

I was on a Seroquel + Abilify combo prior.

I dread med changes. But if it there are real proof it works. I am open to it.

No one AP ever works for me.

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Take small steps with doing stuff. And do it out of discipline and dont expect enjoyment. Enjoyment can be a bonus and unexpected surprise if it happens

Say you go for a 5 min walk. Or just go outside to sit in a chair.

Rate the activity out of 10 in some scribble book. It can give you an idea if any enjoyent exists. It could be low or higher depending on the day.

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Check out this thread

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Thanks @LevelJ1 @everhopeful

I am not resistant to advice - or trying. I will see how this can help me.

I literally have nothing to lose.