Not gonna give up on making music

Thought some of these lyrics were powerful but slightly disorganized maybe. I think the beginning if better than the end. Thanks for listening.


quite something, did you make it?

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Yes. Thank you. I’ve been feeling more clear lately. Usually my lyrics are way simpler but I feel this is more complex. I really appreciate your feedback it means a lot. I still have a long way to go I feel but I’m making improvements. Thanks.

yea… it’s strong. feels schizophrenia in a cool way :smiley:

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can only post 3 posts per thread - new account… this one’s more your style… Chew Vision :smiley: replaced the old post

Very good :slight_smile:

No don’t give up @chew!
Really good song.

You have a lot of talent.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.


From one musician to another, never give up. Your “Just Confused” track sounded well recorded. Did you record the lyrics in one take?

Took a couple takes. Btw I like dire straits too if that’s what your screen name is based on.