Not going back to education at 32

I left school at 14 due to depression and OCD then later was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of my bipolar symptoms and episode four years ago it was re classified schizoaffective. That’s my story well… my question arises from me wondering… Will I ever be capable of learning again, my concentration levels are shot. Maybe I’m just looking some advise on what I should do to earn my own way in life, I want a good job. But know I couldn’t hold one down. I suppose I’m just sad I couldn’t make more of myself. I wish I was good at something. Everyone else seems smarter than me and they are ambitious and getting better things for themselves. I can’t help it I’m ill. I’m just trying to get through these days the best I can without freaking out. I need low stimulus. And cope better not under pressure. Suppose I’m just venting here,but does anyone feel the same as me.


Who knows, the future might be brighter than you imagine. Take one day at a time and work on recovery and health.

I have a little dream about educating myself to be a pharmasist if my situation improves. It’s a long way off for now and I’m over 40, but you never know what can happen if you keep your head up and stay positive. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a really positive comment, I have notions rather than dreams, I should focus on one too. Thanks Mr_Hope, you always give good advice :smile: I think you replied to me before about a year ago ( not here often) thank you


You never know. I started getting F’s in 11th grade and flunked out in 12th grade. I went and got a job (I was 17) and quit after three months and in the next two years I went through about 15 jobs, never lasting more than three months at any of them and getting fired from about half of them. I got sick at age 19 and didn’t work again until I was 22. At my first job after getting sick I lasted four years and during that time I also started college. Now I’m look back at being employed for the last 40 years and I just got my AA degree while getting many A’s in the process. I’ve been at my current janitor job 12 years. I guess getting schizophrenia was good for me, job-wise and education-wise. I did better at both after I got sick.


I’ve decided against pursuing any kind of degree for now. My concentration and general cognition just aren’t where they need to be. I know that even if I was able to get the degree I most likely wouldn’t be able to hold down the job. Maybe in a decade if the treatments get better I’ll aim higher. I am however thinking seriously about getting my CDL.

Edit: also there’s a serious possibility that ai wipes out some huge percentage of white collar work within the next decade. The safest choice would be some kind of trade. Like an electrician or plumber.


A business owner compares with other business owner. Nine to fiver with other nine to fiver. But in our case we have to compare ourselves with our past selves. And maybe others like us.

It’s easier said than done.

When your cognition is shot. Negatives make it hard to keep momentum it won’t be easy. Start small. Maybe a certificate course. 3 month long. Then see where you can go.


Start with any job you are capable of. A good job is one you can hold down and get paid and get healthcare insurance.


I would LOVE to do a course on loads of stuffs. But I just can’t afford to. I need to pay rent and food etc.

I’d love to do a degree on art, philosophy, psychology, nutrition and more. Lol.


I don’t do well under pressure.

Can’t you take a students loan?

Maybe you could learn a subject by doing an online course, something you could study at your own pace when you felt like it.

There are good jobs in IT its a very broad field and theres something for everyone. Maybe learn how to build websites with wordpress, its not that difficult.

As for jobs im going to try getting online work with a freelancer site such as there are several sites like this.

Youre only 32 dont write yourself off. Youre a human being and have a lot of potential.

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Yea I might idk. But it’s not worth it. Plus I gotta pay for rent and food etc. How will I do that of I’m not working. Student loan only pays for the education fee.

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