Not feeling psychotic …

… but just not feeling right. I know I’m not in psychosis right now but I just feel off in general. Kind of disconnected from reality so that even walking through a mall feels surreal. I worry that this is the new normal. Life through a haze. Between that and feeling like my brain is no longer functional, life kind of stinks. Nothing can be done, I suppose and I’m sorry if this is a snore to read. I’m underwhelmed with myself- it’s worse than mediocrity …///


When was the last time you were out?
If it was a long time ago, then being out can feel weird.

I try and force myself to leave the house every day and it doesn’t get better…who knows why it is like this

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I know what it’s like to not be pychotic but to feel not right. I think it from the meds.

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I do wonder sometimes if it is simply because I’m on a cocktail of drugs. Would be reassuring if that was the reason…

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