Nostalgia 📺

What’s your favourite bit of nostalgia? For me it’s early 80s music :notes:.

And the original star wars movie (not the special edition)

What makes you remember “the good old days” ?

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I just bought this.


Things that make me really nostalgic are video stores, Gosh I miss those so bad. It always was so fun to look at the terrible horror movies LOL. And if the video had no picture in the back, you knew you were in for a wild ride!

Also certain bands and genres of music. The Cure makes me think of the 80’s/early 90’s alternative music. The band, Face to Face makes me think of a beautiful time in the punk music scene.

For movies, Terminator 2 makes me think of meeting my father.

Places and things, the mall where I grew up at in California, and the city I grew up in.

LOL. I realized as I type this I’m just a ball of bittersweet nostalgia.


A mexican series which played in greek national tv when I was a child!!!

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