Normies obsessed with furthering their careers

I don’t get it. Normies who are obsessed with getting a raise, getting a promotion, getting another degree, a new more advanced job even if it means working harder. I could never have that motivation in life. Sure more money sounds nice and all, but is it really worth it, the work that normies put in to do it? I could never do it. Not only because I’m incapable but it doesn’t sound fun. Just live to survive. I wish I was born in some tribe in the jungle sometimes that when they make a big hunt it’s cause for the biggest celebration in the world. Or if you’re SZ you become a shaman. And there’s so much more community.

Grass is greener on the other side in this case obviously, but sometimes I wish.


“More! More! More!!! Bigger house, nicer car. Hotter wife!!!” -Normie mentality

“LESS LESS LESS! Simpler life, anywhere to live, anything that drives, anyone who loves me” -My mentality


Everyone’s gotta have an ambition of sorts. My ambitions are alway spiritual. For instance, having powerful dreams is my key ambition at the moment and my main source of happiness.

It’d be nice to fall in love again and build a relationship, but I am too low-functioning from meds at the moment to do so. I might have to stay celibate throughout my entire life on Earth, regardless, as part of fulfilling my covenant toward God, however.


Yeah i have spiritual ambitions as well. And would like to have a relationship. I see no reason not to have a relationship but I’m one of the “undesirables”. Well girls seem interested in me at first sometimes but then they measure me up with the blink of an eye when it takes more than that to get to know me.

My dream job has always been one that doesn’t reduce me to a jibbering mush of anxiety. Everything else comes after that.

my father in law is always looking for a better job. My partner is hoping that when she gets her high school g.e.d she can get a better job and go to school. but all the the jobs she is looking at have to do with taking care of people and drawing blood except xray tech but that requires years of schooling same with the respiratory therapist.

I have bad eye-sight, so communicating mind-to-mind on the web is much easier. However, when it comes to real-world contact I just listen carefully to their voice instead of focusing on their visual aspects. Voice, to me, says more about a person’s character than their body language or eye gazing.

I’m the type of guy that wants to like the voice of his significant other. What good is listening to a voice you can’t stand anyway? :hatching_chick: Good voice goes a long way.

I have ambition to write and record music…

And I don’t use the term ‘normies’ for others as I consider myself to be normal…just different.


I wish to have more ambition/motivation then I do. Credit to that probably goes to all sorts of addictions of mine. Sigh sigh.

Its typical provincial culture here that people spend their first big money to fancy cars and designers clothes and basically everything that can be showed off. We have a name for those…but its not translatable.

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Well…more like a mixture of a ‘peasants’ in negative way and douchebags. O.o

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I’m looking at my life and wondering what I did with it. There have been some merciful reprieves from my life being a total waste, but I still wish there had been a little more structure to it. I can look back and see some of the follies of my past. I sometimes imagine my life if I had taken a different path. I can see a lot of ways I could have been miserable, but I can also see some ways I could have been more fulfilled. All I can do now is make the best of it.

NEET life.


The voice is the gateway to the soul, @mistercollie.

It’s not the eyes at all, it’s definitely the voice.

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I just wanna run an awesome record store and live in a decent area where people don’t get jumped a lot. And have a 1 story home with my room a bathroom and a kitchen. All i need. Maybe love too but the way thats going for me I’ll never get that so judt the record shop or even concert venue and small living space, video games/comics and food lots and lots of food. I just need to figure out what that will take to achieve that…can’t take money with u when u die unless u can then this would be a really screwed up reality.

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My primary goal is to have job that gives me the freedom to do the things I want at my leisure. I’m already pretty much there but I just need to get a little more cash flow rolling and I’ll be able to save for when I’m really old

If you didn’t know me… and saw me out in the parks doing my job… I’d probably look “normie” too.

I’m also going to school to get a better job… so I’ll never be homeless again… so I can not be a burden to my family… so I can set a good example to my niece and nephew…

I know a lot of people who are turning away from the consume/ consume mentality

We are all in the same boat.

I don’t really see it as a Normie… not normie thing…

I see it as the greedy and the content.


They could be called the 30k millionaires :slight_smile:

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If I did have a successful “career” I’d like it to be doing something creative and ideally outside part of the time. I thought it would be good to do something helping others but I think I would get too emotionally involved. My idea of hell would be commute - office - commute.

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Yeah I guess I’m a hypocrite because I wanna succeed in something creative, but the “normie jobs” don’t appeal to me in anyway. I’d rather be a bum. But I’d rather be successfully creative than anything. Sorry to anyone who disagrees with this approach.

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