I'm a little tired of being impressed by normies accomplishments

Big deal. Just so they can say they’re better than somebody.


My wife works because she has to. She doesn’t have the option of not working and being able to support herself.

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I didn’t mean to put down working class people.

You did whether you meant to or not.

I would love to be able to work.

I would love to spend today walking around with a camera.


I would love for this cold to leave me, lol

Probably because my father raised me as if we were wealthy. Hè had been until the horrendous inflation following WW1. His family became the nouveau poor with all the ways of the wealthy still in them.

Work makes me feel more accomplished and rewarded

U don’t need to be impressed. If u don’t want. But I am impressed with myself normie or not normie. Because I’m contributing to the economy, doing something meaningful, and developing my confidence and life skills, it is good,

No one said anything about being better that’s something you said yourself :smirk:

Some people do have a way of strutting around and ignoring people as if they were better than the poor. I know. I grew up with them. It can be hard to crack the ice.

I will probably always be impressed by normies now. I marvel at how they load the dishwasher or make lasagna (not frozen out of the box)…and still go to work and find time for things and people.


I’m not neurotypical, but the reason I do as much as I do is because a moving target is harder for my positive symptoms to hit and stick to. As well, I will stall and will have the worst time getting moving again if I stop. UGH. Bloody negatives suck.

Finally, normal is boring. Aim for exceptional, or at least weird AF.


Lol I will go with weird AF


Haha :laughing:
I suppose I’m literally a sitting target. I’m getting better with my negatives but slowly (I load the dishwasher while everyone is gone). I’ll need to make my own lasagna someday so I should get at that.
I’m pretty excited all day for boring stuff but I’ve already made the resolution to do more “things” in the future.


It can be tough to accept our limits. I understand. I’d love to accomplish more too. I also tend to take stuff for granted and fall into despair too much. Now, I’ve got a gratitude box that’s really helped me see all the good things that have happened to me this year. Even mundane things can go into the box. Another SZ person once told me it was amazing I could read through a whole novel. So there are a lot of good things I can do.

If you get a box of cookies, you can put compliments and good things into the tin, once it’s empty. It’s a big help.

Normies would make fun of me for “getting out of bed” as my proudest accomplishment. So it’s all relative.

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Oh,man,I do understand how you feel.

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Normies how many are there anyway?


My brother made fun of me that I’m like an elderly person :expressionless: