Normies live to work

I never realized how important work was to normies until recently. Pretty much if u wanna blend in with the normies you MUST work. Even if you have tons of other income. Normies love and hate their work.

I just wish it wasn’t so hard to work on the meds :frowning:

And with the illness.

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I want to work but can’t


Everyone wants to work…!!!


We work more than normies. Our brains set switches like Baran desert. No man’s land. You work. Don’t worry about that.

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Taking meds by morning is my main job!! And staying sober. I get paid in good health !!


You’re totally right if you don’t work or go to school full time by the time you’re like 22 you’re basically a pariah. Aside from worrying about homelessness it’s one of the main reasons I want a job

My family dislikes me for being jobless, but I’m in a good mood this morning anyway. Yes, there’s a lot of envy and resentment. I’ve learned I can’t please everybody and just blow it off.

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