Isn't it funny how society wants people on disability to work

…yet when we do, the very thing we’re on disability for interferes with our work and we’re treated like ■■■■?

Happened to me at my last job which also happened to be my first job since experiencing full-blown psychosis. Now I’m unemployed and completely lacking in confidence lol

Edit to mention that I wasn’t fired, thankfully; I just quit because I couldn’t take it anymore.


You tried. If you want you can always try again.


Thanks! I stuck it out for eight months. That’s better than I was expecting to do. I’m hoping for a more relaxed job next time. I just can’t deal with stress like I used to. :frowning:


Eight months is great ! Some normies can’t hold a job down for that long. At least now you know you’re looking for something with lower stress.

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Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m not going to give up. I’m also not going to beat myself up over minor mistakes anymore, or I’ll try not to anyway. My last job made me feel so incompetent. But I have to forgive myself and everyone else involved and move on.


Lol, I’ve been working for over 35 years and y’all see I have no confidence. Maybe it isn’t me, maybe it’s someone else.

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Good luck on your next job.

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I have had to quit lots of jobs. Don’t feel bad. You can always try again.

I am back at work now and am going to try to stay employed. 9 months is about my record since getting sick keeping a job.

Hope it’s different this time.


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