"Normies" getting on my nerves

I have got friends, and family who are ”normies” – no mental illness and normal values and ways of thinking. I like them.

But other ”normies” are getting on my nerves. I have been to a birthday party with my loved sister and mother. But it’s very hard to be around them, because they talk about things i can’t relate to. I feel i can’t express myself. Talk about my values and ideas.

I guess im not only schizo person who feels ambiguous about normies.

Sometimes it’s healthy to be around them, you adjust to the rules of society and learn how to cope in general

At other times it’s quelling.


I agree @bluebutterfly
I find a lot of what the normies talk about is too shallow for my taste.

I get easily drained if I’m around them for more than an hour.

Today I’m blending in with them and doing a good job.

Taking my Klonopin helps me deal with them better.

What a draining day!


the only normies i hang out with are older family. they talk about things that don’t interest me like home improvements, i swear i could be a carpenter if i only listened to them. that and they tell stories. i can only hang out for like a couple hours with normies at a time. i guess i wonder what it would be like hanging out with all my old friends my age, but i don’t think i would like them as much as serious career oriented adults, things are different now.


Yes, “normies” are not a homogenous group.

Some are good company, and it’s healthy for us weirdos to be around them, the ones who understand and enjoy a twisted mind.

Others are very boring and painful to be around with.

Had a draining day too.


Man I feel this. Especially when I’m getting into the throws of more symptomatic time. I feel I can’t relate to anyone. I feel that now. Most of the people I spend time around are not neurotypical but they have conditions so wildly different from mine that we can’t connect.

Currently, I feel isolated from everyone. Even my SO because when I try to talk to him about things that aren’t typical it scares him. Same with my parents. I don’t dare try and talk to my friends about it because I’m afraid they’ll leave. When I want to chat here, I get shutdown. I don’t really have anyone to talk to.

The only person that listens to me is my therapist. And we only get to talk once, maybe twice a week. It’s not the same as having someone to just chat with.

This disease is lonely.

I’m sorry you feel you can’t talk to people. It’s a rough feeling. I hope you are able to connect again soon.

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Thanks, i can talk to some normies and have friends that understand me… But today was just a feeling of being totally a stranger to people i love.

Hope you find a strategy to talk with your SO, and find other people to talk to than you therapist. But yes, our ways of thinking, and symptoms, can be frightening to others.

I enjoy very much to talk to a nurse once every second week.

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My big issue is that I lead an isolated life.
I don’t have much to say to them.

Lots of them like my brother leads a very busy lifestyle.

Many times I’m at a loss for words.


Im not so great at small talk. Im good at the long awkward pauses :smiley:


Normies of my age generally

  1. Have a job
  2. Are married
  3. Have kids

And are unable to talk about anything outside those 3 things.


I have a normie friend but I just feel so anxious around her. She does all these things and has all these friends but I just lie in my bed most of the day. It just makes me feel like idk how to relate. Also cos I’m all overweight and have other health issues and such. It makes me feel very distant although she’s accepting of me I know she doesn’t want to make my anxiety worse by us meeting up atm.

she’s awesome.

The word normie gets on my nerves lol. But I use it too…

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Yes @anon83141956 “Normies” is a very derogatory word, but we have to call them something :slightly_smiling_face:

Good you have friend who accept you. I have got some normie friends who not only accept me, but find it interesting that i have some weird experiences and ways of thinking.

Normies are not just normies. Some of them are very open and interesting to talk with, and i think they can learn us something about dealing with the mundane world.

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Haha yea it is so true, they do help me to learn how to be normal. But then so do some of my non normie friends. But I understand what you mean :slight_smile:

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Ha… I know all about just sit and stare with a motionless face in a very awkward pause.

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Those “normies” often stalk me because they think they prove; no one deserves any rights but them. I think they’re unbelievably dense.

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My brothers girlfriend is a normie too but she understands mental illness.
She’s a social worker and used to work in a psych hospital.
Her brother is bipolar or schizoaffective like me.

She’s also a recovering alcoholic.

She’s very nice.


Interesting. My “normie” friends have all experienced hard times (like alcoholism) or other hardship. It makes them more open and understanding. They just find it interesting that i have some strange symptoms or experiences.

But today, with my family, it was like i was an outsider and i hate that feeling.


They can only talk about the shallow things: their boss, their job, their car, or their kids. Jesus, nothing worse than some married dong who bends your ear for 30 minutes talking about his rotten kids and showing the pictures of these little gargoyles.


I like to think of myself as normal. I find it offensive when some people call people without schizophrenia “normies”.

Nothing against you, but I’m just saying.

Please don’t take offence.


Yeah, but at the same time, I might actually be in an relationship with a woman by now if I stayed normal. But alas, this didn’t and probably won’t happen ever. I don’t really look forward to much to be honest. I would much rather be a normie and talk about the weather or when I’m getting my John Deere tractor fixed.


I don’t think it’s an sz thing. Maybe you’re just smart and prefer intelligent or meaningful conversation

Illness can predispose a person toward truth. We rely on Him for comfort

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