"Normies" getting on my nerves

I can’t relate to normies as in people who live normal lives not people who don’t have sz or another mental disorder.

I found a good amount of people online I talk to almost daily and they have their issues as well. They’re also interesting and don’t just talk about “normie” things, so I like talking to them and playing video games with them.

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I just wanted to say: when I was 19 I felt the same way you did. I thought the it was impossible that I would ever have a girlfriend or have sex. And it almost was.

But even with just slightly-below average looks and a bad case of shyness, low self-esteem and little confidence I had a couple short term relationships, several one night stands and a few women friends. And by some mystery that I still can’t fathom, my girlfriends and even the one night stands were with very attractive women.

I’m 59 now and the opportunities are few and far between. I don’t really need sex now though I won’t shut the door completely on it.

But yeah, with some effort, taking risks and a little chutzpah you may run into some woman you really like so much that you are willing to put yourself “out there” and take a chance and talk to them, get to know them a little and ask them out.


Sorry if have offended you. Like i wrote it’s a derogatory word. And you are right- its problematic because it makes a division between to groups of citizens.

On the other hand, a lot of people with SZ feels isolated in company with certain people who can’t understand how they feel and their different ways of thinking. They get angry or hurt, and use the word “normie” to feel that they at least belong to someone - the group of non-normies.

All my few friends life a very typical life with no MI and ordinary values and behavior. They have the capacity for allowing me to be like I am.

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Ha, thanks. I think it was just a bad day.

But you might be right. You don’t need to be SZ to feel, like I felt yesterday.

Everyone, even the most normal being, can experience they don’t fit in or are heard.

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Thanks man. A family was a goal of mine, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to have one. But, maybe there is hope.

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