Normal on meda

You guys ever think!? What if?!

A completely normal person were to use pshyce meds what would happen like for real would they be enhanced in any type of way or just suffer side effects like the rest of us

The last time I stopped taking my meds I started severely hallucinating.

One of my theories was stopping antipsychotics made me psychotic. It could happen.

they wouldnt be enhanced. Depending on which one they took different things would happen. Different AP’s usually raise or lower serotinin and raise or lower dopamine. if a healthy person took one that lowered serotonin they’d probably become more depressed, but for no reason…its like a healthy person taking insulin when they already have enough…if they took one that lowered dopamine they’d probably move slowly and feel like excitement but it would be probably too mentally difficult and upset their mood. It doesnt make sense to take a medication that you dont need. Its intemperate

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