Well hello. I’ve been doing some studying and wish to offer you some advice. There has been a boom. Of cognitive drugs on the market. Racetams, piracetams, noopept powder. Well they all happen to be supplements that help your brain. I’ve taken as a gym supplement Acetyl l-cartinine. I have noticed a mental improvement. Less fatigue or better tolerance of. Remember that movie Limitless?

This is interesting. How long have you taken Acetyl-cartinine? I once took a gym supplement Branched Chain Amino Acid. It helped a bit in the first three days but after that the effect wore off and I obtained an anxiety from this supplement. So I stopped taking it. If you take Acetyl-cartinine for more than one month and it shows no bad side effects, then this is the right supplement for you.

Cerebrolysin is good. Niacin and Piracetam is good. Noopept + Aniracetam + Piracetam is good for creativity. Pramiracetam is great for not getting distracted and powering through things.

For me, though, none of these things worked, but I hear others saying something else, so maybe it’ll work for someone else.

Cerebrolysin seems to be best of all the ones I’ve seen.


I take a racetam as part of my seizure-augmenting regimen. It definitely helps. The med is called Keppra (levatiracetam).

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Bcaa’s used to give me anxiety also. I found a bcaa alkaline and ph balanced. Glutamine the muscles contain glutamine the fuel. We need to supplement with lots of it. Acetyl lcartinine or ALCAR I’ve been taking for a month and I take 4 tsp a day. Not good during night as it is activating. I like l theanine, gaba, 5htp. Yohimbe was real powerful effect but I got used to it. Longjack said to increase test by 20%. Maca, energizing, but what anybody over 32 needs is supplements of the four amino acids, Arginine, glycine, lysine and ornithine. If you can jam those powders down your throat with some kool aid to mask the flavoring because they do taste awful except glycine is sweet. Add sarcosine u know just keep stacking everything that helps. I want to feel the most well I can having schizo affective. Learning the dosage may benefit you greatly.