Nootropics and Scizophrenia

Nootropics and Scizophrenia

I used several

Health Supplements

when ever I had a little bit of money - few bucks to be precise.

When I used a Nootropic - Noopept

ANXIETY is completely gone

and I’m more awake and more aware.

Noopept is best

all other

Health Supplements

are good but

improvement goes unnoticed.

Noopept and immediate semi permanent benefits noticed.

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I just ordered Aniracetam and Alpha GPC. (Did you know you’re supposed to take choline supplements with racetams/noopept?) I chose Aniracetam because it helps with anxiety and noopept can cause dissociation, which I already suffer from badly. Glad to see interest in nootropics! I’m hoping it helps me.

I have heard of Noopept. It is really strong. But I can’t get more dissociation. My life would be hell!

I also take pregnenolone, l theanine, huperzine a, vinpocetine, sarcosine, and n-acetyl-cysteine. I also take a multi-vitamin, fish oil, vitamin c, and I used to take Niacinamide, and vitamin b6. I also just bought magnesium.

Noopept my trial not efficient even at high dose

Buspar is a pharmaceutical nootropic that when my trial I experienced clearer thinking but comes on like sedative.

Together, buspar and melatonin cause neurogenesis

No research on pubmed about noopept, lots of spam on youtube about it, looks like a bit of a con to me. But that’s just my opinion.

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Just because it’s not on “pubmed” doesn’t mean it’s a con.

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I ordered from

cheap, faster delivery and best quality.

U take them both at night? The melatonin and buspar? I wouldn’t take melatonin during the day because I would be drowsy however that’s neat neurogenesis

I don’t take them anymore. I remember looking it up. I took buspar through the day and melatonin before bed.

Do u think buspar is a good alternative with clonazepam? Have u been prescribed clonazepam before? I think they treat different anxieties.

Buspar is non addictive and weaker. I’ve been only prescribed Ativan and Xanax before.

Does anyone have research on the effects of nootropics over the long term. Know anything about how adrafinil, piracetam, and noopept affects SZs? Does it improve any negative symptoms you get or are the results completely different. Reviews make it sound like something too good to be true so why don’t more people use it?

They are costly and successful don’t even search internet for nootropics, I guess.

Only losers are looking for nootropics if they have a little amount of money.