Schizophrenia drugs, supplements and nootopics

Schizophrenia drugs, supplements and nootopics.

Drugs: In the past I used

  1. Modafinil


  1. Selegiline

and both of them are good. Now, I’m not using them.

Modafinil used to keep me awake for 48 hours.

Selegiline gave me a better brain, I can’t explain it.

It also improves your lifespan but, you shouldn’t take it before sleep.


I have taken different supplements, so many supplements

but I never had money to take them everyday,

So once in a while if I had money I used to buy them

and used to take them.

I can’t really vouch for them but

they must have improved my life.

The vitamin B3, B6, Magnesium and vitamin D3 were taken for a

lengthy period and I can’t explain the benefits.

Must say something good did happen.


I have taken

Piracetam for a short period and can’t explain of

any benefits

I have taken

Sarcosine + Noopept

and Sarcosine + Noopept gave me a better brain.

Even though my Sarcosine+Noopept stock is

finished I still have a much improved brain.

Because of Sarcosine+Noopept my ability has improved.

I think the benefit is from Noopept.

I think Noopept alone improved my brain.

When I was using Noopept my ability got better

and after finished using Noopept my ability is still improved.

So, while using Noopept there are benefits

  1. Better focus


  1. Better ability

when noopept stock is finished

I still have better ability

if I start taking noopept again I will have better focus again.

I’m waiting for some money to buy noopept.

Hope you guys benefit from


Sarcosine was good too but sometimes I would be very angry on my Mother and this is because of Sarcosine making you act arrogantly as if your subordinates made a mistake.

Phenibut is a staple in my sleep stack

So why exactly do you think you now have a “better brain” because of these supplements?

What has changed in your life and your thinking that demonstrates to you that these have improved your brain?

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Before taking Sarcosine+Noopept I had very troubled brain. While taking Sarcosine+Noopept I had focus and few other positive words like Focus+Interest+…etc

Even after Sarcosine+Noopept stock is over I had a much improved brain.

I discovered that I gained presence of mind.

Before using Sarcosine+Noopept my mind was racing with something like " very very uncomfortable or delusions or some other words"

After taking Sarcosine+Noopept I became more aware and I must say I gained


I can’t explain it with corrects words or with correct sentences

but I must say after using Sarcosine+Noopept I had a much improved brain.

For the first time in my life I realized that I am an adult.

I think some of these drugs are dangerous. I read that Noopept causes detachment and dissociation. Why would I use that when I already suffer from that and have derealization?

I took Alpha Brain before (when it was better and stronger) and liked the results. Made me smarter I think. Don’t know if it worsened or helped my psychosis. I would take it again but I’m worried about messing with my brain and I read it increases dopamine. Plus, it’s expensive and overpriced.

I took Noopept also for a period of time. Noopept alone did not much but combined with Aniracetam it did increase focus and concentration, the benefits lasted for a while even after quitting them. It’s not a silver bullet for cognitive enhancement but it’s worth the try for someone who is looking to enhance cognition. Since my medication regiment have change I will be revisiting those two one day.

This week I added Sulbutiamine to my regimen, it’s proven to increase memory in schizophrenics. Even though it’s also not a silver bullet I do notice some improvement. It’s also proven to increase social functioning and I must admit it also helps a little bit in that department. I notice more smoother/clarity in my (ongoing chaotic) mental-state.

Side-effects Noopept & Aniracetam: headache once in a while and improved sleep
Side-effects Sulbutiamine: none

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Noopept causes headache if you don’t take Choline or something related to choline.

I used 100 grams noopept in 20 days and I never had a headache, I guess I needed to use it for a little longer…