Non-SZ's hearing voices

I’ve heard of this, people who do not have a mental illness having heard a voice or two in the past. Long before my onset of schizophrenia I had only heard a voice in my head maybe three or four times in my life and it was a pleasant female voice that would softly whisper my name, just once. It would happen maybe once or twice a year, a handful of times at the most.

So when during a family get together my uncle asked if anyone else had ever heard a voice in their head I said yes I have. He then told me that he had only heard it once in his life and that he was walking down the sidewalk late at night when he heard a voice in his head whisper “Look out!” and as he looked behind him he saw a car careening down the sidewalk towards him. He credits this voice for saving his life but had never before or since heard a voice in his head.

I’ve also heard of otherwise mentally healthy people having experienced other sorts of hallucinations, tactile or whatnot, but only once or twice in their lives…perhaps these things can simply be part of the human experience but occurring only rarely in people not effected by mental illness…who knows really.


My kid sister is not SZ but she has heard voices when her exam panic amps up. I know this because she will run out of her bedroom and either run to the window thinking someone in the water is yelling for help.
Or she’ll run out panicked to me thinking I’m yelling for help. When what I’m really doing is sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea, a good book and my feet up.

But she will ask me if I’m Ok, or was I yelling for help.

For her… it is completely exam panic triggered. I was walking her to class and she abruptly stepped away from me saying I was squeezing her arm too hard. I had my books in one hand, and a coffee in the other… which hand would I be squeezing her arm with?

I believe small passing glitches happen to a lot of people. But it’s how long and how bad and how all consuming is what makes the difference.


I heard that stress can sometimes trigger hearing voices or seeing things that arn’t there

When things get kind of stressful or when I am not doing well I will sometimes get hallucinations as I am waking up from sleep or before I am falling asleep - Hypnopompic/Hypnagogic hallucinations - My last psychiatrist and current therapist said that non SZ people get these kind of hallucinations sometimes, I just happen to get them quite often when I am not doing well

The brain is an amazingly complex sensory tool. It defines your entire reality. If your brain tells you the sky is green, it is green. If it tells you that you hear a voice, you hear a voice. It allows you to see one thing several different ways. It even argues with itself. From a physiological standpoint it encompasses everything that you are. The biggest problem of every person who posts on this board is the brain is quite capable of being wrong.

A (do we have an official name for normal people? Something like Normies lol) normal person, during periods of stress can experience hallucinations and delusions as strong as we can. That is what has always confounded me concerning how the supposedly stable people treat those with mental illnesses. At any time they can become just like us.


Yes non-sz’s can hear voices and experience hallucinations. Personally I don’t think diagnosed experience things different but on a much bigger scale.


you know when someone asks you ‘why are you doing that’ and you say ‘because i want to’ i thin the same happens when we hear our inner voice, we ask ourselves ‘why are we doing that’ and i say ‘because i want to’ do you know what i mean? we are asking ourselves questions and questioning our own selves about things.

trouble is when you say to your selves bad things reply to things that we think of in our heads that doesn’t make any sense and it really torments us, i think it is perfectly natural to hear ourselves talk in our heads but the trouble with us ‘voice hearers’ is that it is out of control and that is why we need help.

i don’t hear many voices now and if i do it makes sense to me and does not torment me, i do sometimes question myself or tell myself things but these are good things that help me not hinder,
i use to hear voices when i was delusional and i would hear specific sounds like bagpipes and marching band music, it was very strange.

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Yes, many… A lot of people have told me they have heard a voice or two…audible… and others have heard them regularly from spirits… a friend of mine who is not SZ heard a voice in a cemetery with me… it was a known haunted cemetery… we both heard the ghost, and we also both saw a 3D looking ghost together a couple years before that…

My senses are like a mixing board, ooops gotta turn this channel up and that channel down, oh well

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you just have to be the best dj ever then :thumbsup:

lots of people hear voices that dont bother them, there must be people out there who hear this in voice form every day, wow you look really good today that person fancied you your so gorgeous lets go get an awesome sandwhich everyone in the shop will love you people will soon find out how awesome you are and they will feed it back to you and it will be a vicious circle of how amazingly wonderful you are haha lucky sods.

Yes, these variation in my senses are appropriate for the development of skills and habits that help with daily life…it’s like a gentle nudge…now the not so good issues that happen codependently are another story that will never be told in full.

I guess to continue the mixing board idea…it’s like turning up 1
channel to cover up another, instead of pulling the plug…something
like that…

In other words I want a pack of Camels and a bottle of cabernet.