Can you hear voices without having sz

can you hear voices without having sz

Yes, it’s totally possible.
Voices can manifest in many different ways, like after enormous stress, like a car crash or a death in the family.
Not all people who hear voices are sz

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Yes. Apparently so.

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I read somewhere that anxiety causes ‘simple auditory hallucinations’ like hearing beeping and stuff but I’m not sure if anything else involves elaborate voices like you get with sz

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Bipolar voices are not typically elaborate like sz


I think so. I no longer experience delusions or paranoia, just voices and occasionally internal visual hallucinations. It’s still considered sza by my doctor since it initially came with paranoia and delusions.

The big diff between hearing voices when you’re not delusional and hearing them when you are is that they hold a lot less power over you if you’re not delusional. They can’t trick you into believing things, and you’ll never mistake them for the voices of real people like family or friends. It’s more like, there goes my brain again, firing off randomly with the voices /rolleyes. You’ll also never assume you’re reading people’s minds or hearing people’s thoughts. It’s less of a potential threat and more of a nuisance.

Some people hear voices without debilitating effects, from what I’ve heard on the internet. There’s something called the hearing voices network, I don’t know much about it.

To put it in simple terms, or how it was explained to me, sz/sza are both psychotic disorders.

If you are hearing auditory hallucinations then you are experiencing a form of psychosis, and psychosis has many different reasons. A few are sleep deprivation, psychotic depression, and even Parkinson’s can cause psychosis.

So no, not everyone who experiences auditory hallucinations is sz/sza.


I don’t know if voices alone qualify as psychosis. I thought you had to be out of touch with reality. I hear voices every day but I haven’t been what I consider psychotic in quite some time. Psychosis for me is when I get hit with a huge wave of disassociation and begin acting on unusual thoughts. I could be wrong though, I’ve heard psychosis defined different ways.

I’ve been working with different spiritual groups and many ‘hear voices’ and because they are not working through doubts,fear and pain like many of us here the voices they assume are they are loving and truthful…and it turns out in most cases they actually seem to be just that for them.

I know many here don’t believe such things, but it’s helped me greatly to take the fear away from the voices too. The voices I’m hearing now (when I hear them, which is not often these days) are different from the ones that tried to stir up foolish thoughts (which I think was their way of helping me to think in a more enlightened way and work through a lot of all the useless things I was dragging around - but it hurt like hell at the time), the ones I hear now have truth to them and can often be proven.

I took cocaine one night, way before I got sz and I was hearing voices the next day. They were the voices of my friends and I was sure they were on the other side of the curtain (I was in a hospital). When I asked them to open the curtain they did and no one was there. That was my first experience with voices

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Hypnogoggic hallucinations.

I was always told by professionals that hearing voices is a psychotic symptom, as you’re experiencing it but it’s not real. So in a way your reality is distorted/altered. I think I understand what you mean though. Having the voices doesnt mean you’re in a full blown psychotic episode, and that’s what I use to describe what you mentioned.

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Yes. I’m bipolar and started hearing loud, permanent conversational voices. Was put on risperidone and I still hear one word repeated over and over very softly in bed.

What’s the word?

I get plenty of those. Abilify might have triggered it.

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I get those too sometimes but I know that people can get it too who don’t have scz

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Zombie. My delusion was that the voices were a group of illuminati stuck in my psychic grid. Sometimes I hear “illuminati zombie”. It was pretty interesting until I thought they were going to kill me.

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