How does your sound hallucinations sounds like when theyre not voices?

What do u guys usually hear?

Knocking on the door, opera music playing

Back when I had audio hallucinations rarely

People knocking on my window, rattling chains outside my door,

Someone trying to open the door but it’s locked. I hear the tv/radio when they are off…hmmm maybe that qualifies as voices. I don’t hear much else than voices.

Children running, playing and laughing as if i were at a playground, starts quiet then gets lounder. I really dont like that one, seems very eerie.
Also music in the distance, city typ ambient noice, footsteps in or out of the house and doors opening
I just call it all “noise” until is identifiable.

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I am always hearing music in the distance, footsteps, knocks, a heartbeat, breathing in the room, just noises in general. But most often music.

A crowd in the next room, so I guess that’s voices but I never hear what they’re saying. It’s just rumbling crowd sounds.
And static, like a radio or tv… Just static.

I’ve heard knocking on the door and water rushing through a storm water drain.

Other than voices I have hallucinated bass, music, and gunshots for auditory hallucinations.

i dont hear voices but i hear music. during my psychotic breaks there were some voices though like people talking indistinctly outside of my door or voices from the fan

I notice that if I expect to hear something I will. For example, if I’m waiting for someone to come over I will hear the door opening. Another example is if I think someone is standing next to me I will hear a sigh.

What about ur firsts visual hallucinations?

I saw a man once, turned out to be a hat…that was the night of my scariest experience hearing voices. Having all kinds of hallucinations. That was the only time I’m 100% sure I had a visual hallucination. They’re rare though even for us.