No treatment for Schizophrenia is going to work for everyone, but what treatment do you think works always for most schizophrenics?

This forum has become open to all things poeple claim have helped them with thier diagnoses of schizophrenia. No med will work for everyone thats why there are different meds, no religious spiritual path will work for everyone thats why there are different ones, no diet or vitamin or herb or supplement will work for everyone thats why there are many. No routine will work for everyone thats why there are many. So far medication has helped me, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism Athiesm have helped me. Lowfat dieting and small portions of carbs helped me lose wieght and lower cholestoral but I cant seem to get back on it. A realationship with my family has helped me.But there are many relationships that can be helpful, spouse, friend, boyfreind girlfriend and so on. Sleeping 14 or so hours helps me but may make others feel terrible thats why poepl need different amounts of sleep. I take tons of supplements of vitamins and they help me at times but some bother me if I take them so I limit or stopped them.

For me whats helped most is just accepting it.

Because what really bothers me most is the constan loop of “am I really insane?..naw can’t be…Yes! these thoughts are real people really are trying to drive me insane” then when im rational I know its all me and my brain misfiring.

When dont except it I go through the same loop with the same feelings over and over.


Don’t know. For me continuing to have a life as a human being helps.


Accepting it was a very hardest thing for me to do.

But until I did accept it… I was having a hard time staying med compliant… going to therapy… keeping an eye on my health… working with my family and crisis team… not against.

One thing I am very lucky to have in my life is support and love.


Like someone said above, it’s accepting it and taking the most effective medication there is (the one that’s most suited to you) even if it doesn’t work that well just take it everyday or by injection.

What vitamins and supplements help you? I am afraid will interact with my medication. I can’t lose weight on my drugs.

Balenced B complex, vit c, co-q10, dha, vit e, vit a, magnesium, multi mineral, alpha lipoic acid,creatine, one scoop of musclemilk protien powder, one scoop of fortress protien powder, dmea(not even half the capsule), vanadium, l carnitine, tryosene, l arginine, lecithen, gaba, inositol-choline, acetyl l carnitine, selenium, zinc, ribose powder, pyruvate, iron, vit d,acidophilus, nac, enzymes, dmg, sytrinol, plant sterols, glucousamine-chrondotion, garlic, lutien, lycopene, l citrulline

I do not lose wight on these I have tried green coffee bean extract, and garcinia cambogia but I think they gave me headaches they were for wieght loss. A extremely low fat diet and small portions of food helped me lose wieght. I cant seem to get that diet going again.

I take standard multi vitamin, glutamine, fish oil, vitamine A, alpa lipoic acid and when im in top physical condition and lifting everyday on schedule creatine.

I read a study that said vitamin A at like 8 times whats recommended on label helps with depression and maybe mental illness oh I also take dessicated liver tabs but im out right now.

I don’t think its safe to go 8 times over the daily recomended allowance for something that is synthesised or even naturally occuring

Thats what I thought but it was in a tested article.

Ill try to find it but you are prolly right.

Aside from meds, which I really believe are the only things that can pull someone out of deep psychosis, I think reducing stress is a major help with this illness.

For me a lot of the meds that I tried, either gave some pretty serious side effects, so I had to switch to a different med, or they did not work so well or worsened my condition.
Risperdal was my turn around drug - I was able to do things on my own with this med, like drive to the store by myself and shop on my own - this is why I am reluctant to try another drug.
When it comes to SZ or bipolar type 1 - Meds are really the way to go

Stress is a big issue for me. When I went to college they taught there is good stress and bad stress and latley I have been dealing with good stress. Things like taking care of bills and money, house, car, body. All are good becuase there is no emergency. There is money for the bills but have to stress to pay them on time before a penelty. The house needs cleaning and my parents are not stressing to much anymore. But there are things like cleaning the outside of the house, the windows, the patio floor, trimming the hedges, trimming the yard, I feel good to get some done but I cant keep up. I sleep till 4pm and have two good hours to put into somthing and the rest is me battling negative, and positive symptoms. My medication helps not let my positives overtake me, The stress I am dealing with right now is good but I cant keep up with it all.