How many of you think medication is a waste of time in healing sz

Personally I don’t know why I bother with meds. Im currently on 450mg of clozapine and am getting no relief. Personally I think I’ll have to get back to dealing with this illness cfrom a spiritual perspective.

And sure, I tell ya 450mg of clozapine leaves me feeling like crap and weak. WHat cures are there?

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It is not, medication is the best solution to control the symptoms if your meds are not making you comfortable talk to your pdoc to change it. If you turn to spiritual so called therapy you will most commonly be ending with another episode. If I’d be you i will stick with my meds and talk to my doc abt it. I have been there one time and quit my meds and headed to religion… It increased the symptoms and I had to be hospitalised for 3 weeks. Stay safe.


I tried all medications and been on clozapine now around 10 years. It has made me gain loads of weight and I still get breakthrough paranoia and voices. There is no miracle pill out there but I would be completely insane without meds and probably be in hospital
I keep waiting for better antipsychotic but it hasn’t happened


There is no cure. Medication is meant to lessen and manage the symptoms. Some people with schizophrenia can get along without medication, some can’t. You can recover to a degree. I have been taking meds since 1981. I hardly notice the side effects anymore.


I am for meds when necessary. I have been cushioned by higher doses of mood stabilizers for a long time.
Previous psychiatrists kept me on higher doses for a long time - they never lowered the dose to see how I would do.
My current psychiatrist got me off of the Tegretol and Depakote - and now I am on a very low dose of Lamictal and I am doing fine. So far so good - I didnt go nuts yet. I plan on lowering the Risperdal dose to under 2 mg and see how I do, I dont think I could manage without an antipsychotic, because for now the Risperdal is acting as my antimanic/mood stabilizer.
I am lowering my antipsychotic dose with the guidance of my psychiatrist - it is for health reasons

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i need meds just now and they have been very helpful.

I don’t like taking my meds… I would LOVE to be med free.

But… every time I’ve tried it… I’ve landed back in hospital more broken then before.

No meds means no functioning. No meds means I’m back in hospital with in 3 to 6 weeks, most likely having damaged my repairing relationship with my family.

For some amazing reason and for the life of me I can’t figure out why… but I don’t have a serious criminal record. Stay on meds… stay off street drugs… stay sober and stay out of jail.

No I don’t LOVE taking my meds… but not taking them is a bigger set back in healing then taking them. I know that now.


I recently was being careless about taking my meds, missing doses. After a couple of weeks of that I went crazy, made an ass of myself in front of my family, and thought seriously about suicide.

meds or supplements DO help. like surprisedJ said, if i stop taking whatever i need i end up going nuts after about a month