No symptoms today/mild/still no answers

The healthcare system seems to be accidentally punishing me for its own failures

I ended up taking the topamax last night like Im supposed to, but I cut it in half so I only took 25mgs instead of 50mgs. Thats what I used to take. Im not sure when it was increased. Im feeling much better today. I was taken off Hydroxizine so I have nothing for anxiety but then my dad filled the prescription anyways because he never asks what they are at the pharmacy. So I have a full bottle of hydroxizine and having panic attacks, my dad said to just throw it away if Im not supposed to take it anymore.

I told my psychiatrist I was having side effects and he said well take the topamax only at night and thats the only way we’ll know–then get back to me in a few months and we can change it—so Im stuck confused and upset. I dont want to switch to in person visits, if I leave the non profit practice Im at I will end up on a 6 month waiting list to get back in to see someone for these 5 min phone calls to refill prescpriptions. The only other psychiatrist in the area kicks you out from their system its a private clinic if you miss more than 3 appointments a year. And West Virginia is having a mental health service worker shortage…thats what I was told…because the telehealth psychiatrists for unicare wouldnt accept me as a new patient. They said they were not accepting new patients specifically from WV.

But Medcaid is a federally funded program so that makes no sense…I have a Federal Medicaid case worker and a state Medicaid Case worker thats what I was told…now they want to discriminate against me and also they want to try me on this cpap back order stuff again my dad said they’re not getting the loaner that I was able to get if theres a shortage of CPAP machines how come I was able to get one the day I was released from the ER somethins just not adding up this is BS. F corporations its all about money and control.

The website had a whole web page dedicated to their treatment and how they were expanded to treat patients in WV and listed Unicare ever since I made that phone call their website has changed now it no longer lists unicare and the web page is gone what the heck…

If the cpaps hadnt been on back order I wouldnt have had breathing problems. If my insurance would have actually approved and paid for the cpap and not made it about a sleep study, compliance, or some kind of back order issue and had me on the phone in circles for the past two years I wouldnt have almost died and been in the hospital for five days on oxygen and cpap at night…because my lungs almost collapsed and I had a high fever…there were no blood clots…It wasnt pnemonia…who would I have caught it from??? not sure if it was an allergic reaction to topomax or what…

I strongly support expanding Medicaid Healthcare is a human right I voted for Bernie Sanders and I hope someone like him runs for President if Biden fails to win over progressives Maybe everything should be free Im actually in the Green Party Im in the mountain party which is the Green party of my home state…

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